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The Temptation of Jesus According to Luke

The Temptation of Jesus is an account of Jesus entering the wilderness to fast and pray before He begins His public ministry.

The devil appears and tempts Jesus three times to get Jesus to abandon His work of preaching, teaching and healing.

Jesus refutes the devil each time, using God’s own Word to counter the devil’s temptations.

Afterward, the devil departs for another time.

The Gospel Account

You can find the story of the Temptation of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke, chapter 4, verses 1-13.

Click on this link to view the Gospel passage using the New American Bible translation.

The Five Decades

When you pray the five decades of this Rosary Reflection, use these five events from the Gospel.

First Decade: The Holy Spirit leads Jesus into the wilderness to pray.

Second Decade: The devil tempts Jesus to turn stones into bread.

Third Decade: The devil offers Jesus all the kingdoms of the world if Jesus would worship him.

Fourth Decade: The devil tempts Jesus to test God’s care and protection.

Fifth Decade: The devil leaves Jesus to await another opportunity.

What to Remember

This Gospel story shows that Jesus remained faithful to God His Father. Jesus refused to accept anything that would betray His Father.

As followers of Jesus, evil bombards you and I with temptations to betray our friendship with God and each other.

When you feel tempted, and want to quit following God, ask Jesus for the strength to say “No” to the temptations.

God will provide a way out and allow you to remain faithful to Him.

Here are a few intentions to pray for:

For more faith and courage to say “No” to evil and sin.

That the Holy Spirit will guide you in the wilderness of life, those times of desperation and dryness.

For family, friends and neighbors who are going through rough times and feel like giving up and giving in.

That those who deliberately try to get people ensnared in self-defeating behaviors and beliefs will stop and reverse course.

Feel free to pray the rosary using the Gospel when you feel tempted to abandon what God wants most for you.

When This Gospel Appears

Luke’s Gospel account of the Transfiguration of Jesus occurs on the Second Sunday of Lent in Cycle C of the Liturgical Year.

The most recent appearance is on Sunday, March 10, 2019.

There are three cycles that last a year each, beginning with the First Sunday in Advent in the Church year.

In Cycle A, the Gospel readings are from the Gospel of Matthew.

For Cycle B, the Gospel readings are from the Gospel of Mark and John.

In Cycle C, the Gospel readings are from the Gospel of Luke.

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