Easter Season


Meeting Jesus on the Road to Emmaus

Introduction This Rosary reflection concerns the resurrection story of Jesus appearing to two disciples going to Emmaus. They tell him about Jesus’ death and missing body. Jesus opens their minds to the Scriptures, joins them for dinner, and they recognize him in the breaking of bread. This Gospel passage is proclaimed on the Third Sunday […]

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Image of Jesus' Divine Mercy on clouds

The Sunday of Divine Mercy

Introduction This Rosary reflection concerns the story of Jesus’ appearance to His disciples after His death. His disciples gather in a locked room for fear of the Jews, who had killed Jesus. Jesus appears in their midst, gives them His peace, and breathes the Holy Spirit upon them. Thomas misses the moment and doubts Jesus’ […]

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statue of Jesus Christ with a lamb on His shoulders

Jesus, the Good Shepherd

Introduction This Gospel story contains the words of Jesus, teaching about His role as the Good Shepherd to those who follow Him.  The Gospel Account Biblical literature in the Prophetic books and Psalms describe how God is the true shepherd who takes care of the nation Israel. Jesus claims Divine authority to pastor God’s people […]

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